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Waiting On People Will Cause Hurt You!

I am a huge advocate

for self expression and hate how so many of us hold ourselves back due to fear of criticism. I wish that doing nothing was a solution for conquering fear, but sadly, this has never been the case.

Your voice is needed.


Because we need inspiration. We need disrupters

who have the power and the vision to cut through the spell of mimicry and mediocrity.

We need people who thrive off of experimentation instead of trying to be right before you even start!

So many of us live a stale existence with the sole motivation of impressing people who are more distracted by their own fears and deficits to care about what we've accomplished.

Beginning, Middle, and End Results

My latest art piece is called: "I Think You Love Me"

It's a tribute to the thinking process we all go through when we care for someone who we aren't 100% sure feels the same way.

We reason away our doubts by superimposing our will to love them in hopes that our love is enough to change their minds of any doubt that they should love us back.

You can get her as a print or the original

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