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I said to hell with it: I will paint it myself!!

I didn't know what the heck I was doing when I first bought that canvas and some cheap paints from Michael's art supply, but I was determined to find out what these hands could do.

Long nights, frustration, mistakes, triumphs, testing, doubting, doing it again and again and again what I have done to get to this point in my art career.

I'm a loner. I paint because I have too. My ambition is not to win any art contests or be known all over the world, though I wouldn't refuse it if it happened, but it's not what makes me pick up a brush at 2a.m. when I'm exhausted.

This is healing for me, a thing I do for everybody to see while still being selfish and protective about the process.

I paint girls mostly, not because I have anything against boys. I just girls cause I'm a girl. A girl telling a girl's life story on canvas in hopes that you connect with it and maybe feel what I feel by owning a piece of my work..

That's it...

~Salkis Re

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