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Stop Feeling So Sad

To be an artist means that you lean into your vulnerabilities and express them creatively.

I think that even people who aren't artists would benefit from living this way.

Far too many of us live suppressed, contained within rules of the proper way to think and feel, and these rules are often propagated to us by people you enjoy living outside it's defining lines.

I have for many years now, questioned the validity of hard work and why I had to demonstrate that I'm a hard worker in order to present morality.

The lazy person is seen as the conman, the one whose criminal minded or seeking something for nothing.

But why?

Why would we be classified as deceptive if we want the easiest way to the finish line?

I think that hard work is inevitable for many things, so much so that we really don't need to seek it out.


And I also think think that ease is over birthright also. There are many ways to glean significance in this world and they all don't result in bruised knuckles.

Our sadness, in my opinion, is due to being pressured into conformity.

We have to be a specific type of intelligence,

a specific type of pretty,

a specific type of successful.

But why?

Question everything.

Ditch your all-knowing attitude and challenge your own beliefs so that you are in an emotional space to invite new experiences into your life.

This is the primary way to stop the loop of dispare.

~Salkis Re

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