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Living Suckah Free!

So listen, I can almost bet that you are a creative too right?

Are you giving the world what it needs?

Your talent, I mean..

Or are you waiting for some free time to take another course or workshop or are you swearing that you will practice when you next vacation cycle rolls around?

Time needs to be respected as the imperfect entity that it is.

I say imperfect because time waits for no man.

Time is not a respecter of persons.

Time doesn't care about right timing, for it keeps going and going and going..

Living Suckah free is about not allowing anything nor anyone to tell you that it's the wrong time to pursue your dreams.

It's also about being confident enough in what you already know to make a move on it and share it with the world.

I'm not a perfectionist.

My mind is not set up to even want it.

It takes too much time and too much joy out of living in my opinion.

And when you add the realization that you can't be perfect,

it reduces the false pride and conciet into more managable levels.

I'd rather be authentic than perfect.

Authenticity is an attainable goal and one which will give you solace as you navigate through this zoo called society.

When I create, I put away my need to compare myself, for I remind me that I do not throw paint on a canvas to be like anyone else.

Hey Creative soul! Yeah, YOU!!

Don't you want to feel free?

Don't you want to be free enough in your thinking to inspire other people to do the same?

Don't you want to do something you can control?

You give your time to friends, your family, your job, but nothing will fulfill you like doing something JUST for you. what is the 'just for you' thing that you do or want to do?

Life is too short to give exclusivity to others: you must feed the beats within..

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