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To Know is to Control You

"I Wanna Know You" Written by Salkis Re

I want to know if YOU MEAN what you say, if YOU ACT like you say, if YOU DO what you say... This is the goal of anyone who wants to get to know you. And they will find out, just as YOU WILL for them, that they don't entirely mean what they say or do what they say.

We call it being cordial or having manners, or establishing rapport.

The goal in any courtship, in any "I want to get to know you" session is to simply to establish that you are EQUALLY YOKED The, (I'm just like you, and that's why you should like me) thing. It's all a feast of selling yourself until one of you is no longer afraid of how you are perceived by the other. When he is no longer afraid of LOSING you, then he will start to show you who he really is... Carry On

"Your Life Coach" ~Salkis Re Art by Salkis Re

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