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Make Yourself!

I've come to realise that life is truly whatever you've decided it means. We are told to be proud of having a job, of being what's called a "productive citizen" and ultimately following the lead and making the dreams of others come true. And that's OK if that is the goal hoped for.

To me, self expression is what builds self worth though. The ability to communicate thoughts, ideas, for functional or esthetic purposes is what makes this world go round. I create art pieces so that the beholder is inspired to feel something, a memory, a goal, love, regret, a vow, improvement and a host of other emotions too long to list here. I decide what I want to create based on what I'm feeling or what u would like to feel, and that is magical to me!

And you can do that to yah know! What will you make yourself feel today?

What will you do to today to bring you closer to your childhood dreams, to love, to joy? Creativity heals the mind and the heart. Make it a point to heal yourself in some way today. ~Salkis

This art piece is called "Im Thinking Of You" She is ready for you with free shipping and custom framing included* Get her today before someone else claims her!

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