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Have Faith? In What?

I think faith is a nutritional requirement for a fulfilling life.

Anything you aspire to do requires that you believe in it BEFORE it actually happens.

A belief without seeing is test of mental strength and focus and commitment.

It's like what government works are doing right now

(going to work without pay in hopes that they will eventually get paid for their efforts).

We reserve faith for others though

We reserve faith for others though, and very little to none for ourselves.

It all goes back to self esteem and the carefully curated narrative

you've built up over the years, the narrative that everybody seems

to deserve it more than you do..

What's the Solution?

So how do we fix this?

By getting to WORK!

You fix it by getting off your hind parts; you do it by movement.

In order to feel deserving of aching, you have to work for it.

Your Guilt is Paralyzing You

Your guilt and shame is intertwined in your laziness and procrastination.

The eating right you put off.

The exercise you say you'll do later.

The course you are too cheap to pay for

and that test you're too scared to take..

All of this makes you feel guilty and underserving of what you want, and rightly so..

Improve your self esteem through EFFORT right now!

Share this email with your girlfriends and daughters please..

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