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Do WE Get Pumped and Dumped in our Youth?


"Young Women Who Get Pumped and Dumped by Alpha Males" Written by Salkis Re

These stats need to really be put into some realistic perspective. I did a video touching on the subject but as I see it,

there is no black woman that I know who is having or has had sex with black men who are in the top 20 percent of ANYTHinG, not LOOKS, not POWER AND NOT MONEY.

Most women are "played" by the "Average Joe" because the average Joe feeds her with a belief that "love" is a higher virtue, an example of true morality over that of attaining material possessions.

Women get pumped and dumped when they believe that "love" has value or the "tangibles" Women get pumped and dumped when they are propagated to on the "naturalness of sexual pleasure" over what's sold as the unhappiness from rigidity of discipline.


A man of meager means learns to be mentally crafty, he learns to "sell himself" unlike the top 20 percenters who do no work because they are the "gift"; and for this reason, it's usually the "Average Joe" that increase her "body count" because he creates an assumption in her mind that he is man without demands, that he has more morals and more of a spiritual interests beyond the plethora of worldly evils..


Who are all these "prime" women that are being disillusioned by these "alpha males"? Regular women are being conned by "regular", everyday, punch the clock, calling out sick, don't like his job, Wish he made more money MEN... And that is the whole truth and nothing but the truth..

Part 2# of this discuss is here:


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