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Chasing Your Self Worth

It's amazing to me how men can justify the pain they cause women and still manage to somehow condemn women for abandoning them.

They assume all this moral credit for not initiating divorce when we know they don't intimate it because it would require them to PAY.

So since they don't want to pay, they PLAY!!

They running around poking girls left and right

but come home every night and because they sleep in your bed at night,

they feel that constitutes a higher LOVE and COMMITMENT to the relationship??????


Laughing my butt off here.

So what is our loyalty worth?

What is our forgiveness worth?

These are things you will need to quantify as a woman in a relationship because BOTH will be put to the test if you are in love!

Do me a favor and make this vow from his day forward. NEVER allow any man to quantify or verify your worth ever again! He can only state what he is willing to give you. He can only express how he feels about you. He CANNOT define who you are, what you are, and what you deserve.

Only you have the power to do that.

And your notions of your value may not be shared by every man that presents his interest in you.

And for some of us, NO MAN as ever agreed with the self worth we want to convey...

But the power to claim your right to happiness is yours and yours alone...

If you need my help, I am here to help you see your value!

~Salkis Re

Art by Salkis RE

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