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1# Best Way to Get What You Want!

Authenticity is overrated. And it will halt all your goals. And people will shame you for pretending. And you’ll feel ashamed for pretending. Then you will go back to what you know.

Then realize -AGAIN- that it doesn’t work. Then you’ll revisit trying to change.

And you’ll conclude that being unlike the real you is better.

Now all that’s left, is to be that pretender until you forget that it’s not what you are….


Be authentic by being what you NEED to be.

Strive for and be dedicated to success and getting all those pictures on your vision board.

You can't there remaining the same.

You can't get there while saying you don't like to do this or that.

You can't get while insisting that you remain comfortable.


The learning process will make you feel stupid, because that is what you are until you know what you are doing.

Shake that fear out you!

Slap it and throw that whining punk in the closet and get out into this world and make something of yourself!!


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