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Declarations Need No Permission

I really don't know how many ways I can say the same thing,

but I understand that we are under an emotional spell of needing validation from other people.

This is why you won't finish what you start,

why you won't start what you've always wanted to do,

why you think you aren't good enough.

The truth is that people want what they are told to that they want.

They think someone's attractive based on what has been propagated as pretty.

They find value in things that they are told to find value in.

Most people you meet on a day to day basis have no mind their own,

yet these are the very people you halt your dreams for.

The powerless has you insecure.

Talk To Me!!!

I need for you to understand that you need not be afraid or intimidated by anyone.


Because everyone is insecure.

Hiding or afraid to show themselves.

Living with regrets and guilt from mistakes they've made.

And I don't care how money one appears to enjoy,

they are plagued by their own personal demons too.

It's all a facade.

Everyone is acting.

I need for you to get that in your head so you can give yourself permission to forge ahead and do and be what's calling out to you from heaven...

"Your Spiritual Advisor"

~Salkis Re

Art by Salkis Re

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