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This is a continuation of my black and white series of art portraits.

I had to add the abstract design element in there to emphasize her features.


Her Story:

"My Love"

Written by Salkis Re

My love for me, I could hardly find.

Looked in alleys and under bed covers

but it still never showed in my mind..

Until one day I was putting on my pants

while he gave me some cab fare,

and I felt like a prostitute

and not like there was love I just shared.

And I vowed from that moment on,

that I would be good to me.

No longer will I ever take off my clothes

in hopes that his love I would see...

"Mistress of Words"~Salkis Re

Art by Salkis Re


Guarantee to last up to 200 years!!

Title: "my Love"

Media: Fine Art Print

Material: Museum Grade Fine Art Print

Medium: Acrylic, watercolor, ink

Size: 18" by 24"


includes mounting

"My Love" African Art, African Portrait Painting

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