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Her Story:

"I Can Love YOU"


I wanted to pick these flowers

to hold onto something pretty..

Wanted beauty all around me

to brighten up my dark feelings.


Mama told me I shouldn't pluck them

so they have a chance to live,

but I could love them more

cause I have so much love to give..


The grass can't appreciate their beauty

and the sun just dries them out.

Then the rain comes and drowns their roots,

and the insects make the leaves say ouch.


I'm saving the flowers from pain by holding them in my hands.

And I'm giving them a purpose by turning them into my friends.


The flowers are bored and cold just sitting around outside.

So I've decided to bring them home

so I can love on them all the time.




Colors: blue-green as her skin. Red and orange colored dress. The hair is black and white with hints of blue. The background is a blend of yellows, orange, purple and green.



Size: 18" by 24"

Material: Paper

Media: Art Poster

**Free Shipping**

Love in My Hands: Art Poster

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