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Their Story:

These two sisters have each other's back. If one gets, she shares with with other. If one cries, the other wipes her tears.


They support one another selflessly in times of joy or sorrow. It was important to me, as it always is, to convey genuine love in these art pieces.


They are inspired by a 70's esthetic. Retro bold color patterns dress the background. The focus color is the blue-green hue of their skin with complimentary colors of burnt oranges, reds, muted purples and pink throuhout this art piece.


Title: I'm Always By Your Side

Size: 18" by 24"

Material: Canvas Board

Media: Original Art Piece

**Free Shipping**

**Custom framing upon request**

I'm Always By Your Side

  • This art piece was created on light weight canvas board and is meant to go into a frame. I provide custom framing of original art pieces at no extra charge if the customer prefers that I choose the frame for the art piece. Please specify after purchase if you want a frame included in purchase

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