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Nine months ago, I was curious about urine therapy, and was browsing Youtube for testimonials from people who have tried it with success, after watching a few short clips (all men) I clicked on a video, that featured a women sitting in her car with the title "Urine therapy, Beauty, and Self Esteem" I remember thinking to myself ?? What the heck? So I began to watch, but I didn't just watch...I found myself genuinely listening, laughing, crying, and healing. After that I was hooked, I have since watched nearly every single video on the SelkisRe Youtube channel. And I must say the wisdom and the many many black pills have transformed me and my relationship to the core. I owe an infinite amount of gratitude to Selkis for being a very bright light in my life.

About me..My name is Angelica, I am a 20 something year old woman who has found herself living between beautiful Colorado and the wild lands of Alaska. I share space with my guy, and I must say our connection amazes me daily....To Be Continued.


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