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This e-book will get you started on your path to emotional freedom and mental independence. You will learn basic principles of self healing as I share advice and personal stories of my own trials and growing pains towards womanhood and healing from emotional wounds of past relationships. 

*You will learn how sisterhood is not always the best support for personal development.

*What sex magic is and what it isn't!

*How to set up your mind for success in your dreams and goals

* How to boost self esteem

* I share my first sexual experience, personal trauma and how I repaired my broken spirit.

Filled my motivational quotes, and nuggets of wisdom you can wall paper your phone with, this book is your starter session and a companion to your coaching session with me, Salkis Re

This is not fluff, this is not a pep talk. This is brutal honesty. a lifting of the veil of any pretense that may be blocking your emotional growth and spiritual development. Enjoy!

**And when you are done reading, book a one on one session with me to go further into healing on a personal level!

Who DO You Think You Are E-Book

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