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Name: "La Negra"


Media: Art Poster

Material: Paper

Medium: Acrylic, watercolor, ink

Size: 18" by 24"

Free Shipping**

"La Negra":Art Poster

  • This is a VERY special part of the I Love her Art Collection. She is the pivot in the direct of my focus within my work. I had long since the begining of my art career neglected doing any time of "exclusion" work, so I focused on equal represnetation of blakc women of all skin tones as a way of showing that I harbored no ill-will or jealosy against women of lighter skin tones.


    Do to a recent event that shook me to my core, I have decided that it's time to tell MY STORY and the story of all dark skin women through my work. This is a celebration of US and a case of how I invision our image to be within the arts and media.

    I realised that exclusion or should I say a "narrowed focus" is not meant to diminish anyone else but rather to level the field of sight in order to let the world know that are here and we are LOVED!!


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