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Dis Here Powder"
Written by Salkis Re

I hope this thang I'm puttin own can make me look like dem whites,
cause Im tryna make myself look good enough so my heart could start feelin right. 
And maybe they won't tease me or be mean to me no moe. 
And I'd finally look too cute 
to be mistreated like dey dawg.
I don't won't no pain,
but i'sa feel silly doin dis, 
Cause as soon as I hit water,
Dis here powder
gon be put on again.
~Salkis Re
Art by Salkis Re
Guarantee to last up to 200 years!!

Media: Reproduction

Material: Canvas

Medium: Acrylic, watercolor, ink


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~Salkis Re


*This is an open edition print


Media: Giclee Reproduction


Medium: Charcoal, Ink Acrylic, watercolor


Material : Canvas


>>>>Let me tell you why my reproductions are so special.

They are "Giclee" quality which is the highest reproduction quality there is for art.

All reproductions are hand painted. 

My reproductions come mounted with foam core backing for for framing, not a piece of paper rolled up in a tube.

Guarenteed to last up to 200 years

Very classy 🙂

"Powder":African Girl African Art, African Portrait Painting, African Art

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