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There is really one word to describe this e-book, and that is "HEAVY". It contains within each page bite sized morsels in more than 200 pages  wisdom in a quotation format that you can read and apply to your life right now.

It is everything your mother did not or refused to tell you. It is essential wisdom for attractive women as well as plain jane's and it will make your a formidable woman in this world.

*You need to know how to act and react to people to get what you want.

*You need to know how to appear more beautiful than society has classed you as.

*You need to know how to increase your value in work and in your personal life.

*You need to know what femininity really is and how to incorporate your natural power to persuade.

*You need to know how to tell if someone's lying to you so you don't make life decisions based on flattery.

*You need to know how to actualize your goals and exploit your potential to succeed.

*You need to know the power that your P&)SY has and the power it will never have.

Win your man's heart and keep it forever!

*You need the truth. You need it delivered in an easy read format. You need it unadulterated. You need knowledge you can actually use to become the attractive, resourceful, successful, intelligent and wise woman you've always wanted to be.

This e-book promises to be all of that and so much more...

Ooh! Let Me Write This Down!

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