"Magdelana"Written by Salkis ReWhen people tell you how they feel,listen closely to what they say.They often want to transfer their guilt,to burdened you with their pain. They come only bearing unwanted gifts of no joy or encouraging words,just impositive rants about a sullied life,while daydreaming of living in yours.And they never ask if you're in need of love,or how to assist in easing your strife.But they come to get some of your immalleable strength,for it seems that you have ample supply.They secretly marvel at your effortless peace and the consistent calmness of your mind.But they do not realisethat the source of your fill comes from being fedby what THEIR GOD provides.........................Name: "Magdelana"Media: Original WaterColor Art PieceMaterial: Archival Watercolor PaperSize Approximately: 18" by 24"This painting is created with top quality archival watercolor paper using archival inks that guarantee to last up to 200 years!! P

"Magdelana":African Girl African Art, African Portrait Painting, African Art




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