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Painting: "Loving You"


Material: Museum Grade Fine Art Archival Paper 

Size: 18" by 24"

Mounting included




"Loving You"

  • "Loving You"

    Written by Salkis Re 

    Love isn't there if you don't feel it.

    And love won't show if you don't see it.


    And love doesn't run away from you. 

    Love always waits for someone to do.


    Love isn't selfish, in fact it's very kind. 

    Maybe its only flaw is the fact that it makes you blind.


    But as irrational as love is, it makes life more pleasant. 

    Fools are what we be, when love is ever present.


    But I'd rather experience illusionary love

     than the loneliness of truth.

    And as long as I will live,

    I won't stop wanting to loving you.


    "Mistress of Words"

    ~Salkis Re 

    Painting by Salkis Re 

    Thank you for checking out my shop!


    ~Salkis Re

    Title: "Loving You"

    "Media: Fine Art Print

    Material: Museum Grade Archival Fine Art Paper

    Medium: Acrylic, watercolor, ink

    Size: 18" by 24"

    Main colors: yellow, Turquoise,  blue and beige background..

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