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Painting: "Love Me"

Media:  Original Art Piece

Material: Museum Grade Fine Art Archival Paper 

Size: 18" by 24"

Mounting included




"Love Me"

  • "Loving Me"

    Written by Salkis Re......

    I had to muster some courage

    to finally love myself.

    But it wasn't easy reducing thoughts

    that I didn't think for myself.


    I wanted to head back to what I knew,

    though painful it had always been.

    At least I'd have one pretend friend

    instead of feeling alone in my skin.


    But I had to learn to wrestle

    with the quietness of my mind.

    Had to learn to hear my voice

    instead noise from outside.


    Came to conclusions about what I am

    and who I'm journeying to be.

    No longer transfixed in further self doubt,

    no sojourning from nurturing things. ....

    "Mistress of Words"

    ~Salkis Re

    Painting by Salkis Re.

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    Title: "Love Me"

    "Media: Mixed Media Fine Art Print

    Material: Museum Grade Archival Fine Art Print

    Medium: Oil Paint, watercolor, ink

    Size: 18" by 24"

    main colors: yellow, Burt orange and green against a pale blue and beige background..

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