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Her Story:

"Just Like Me"

Written by Salkis Re

I tried to beso many things in what has been my little life.

Went from short hair to long,

with pigtails and braids,

but nothing would feel quite right.

I couldn't decide if I should be like them

or just live satisfied with myself..

So I piddled about

for so many years

assuming I should have been someone else.

Then I looked in the mirror one faithful day,

And stared until the tears came.

I saw big bright eyes and a cute fleshy nose

and caramel lips that hatred couldn't claim.

I saw my goodness and the nature of my love staring back at me.

And blushed when I looked into my own eyes

overwhelmed at what I finally see.

Embracing in totality of what I am

and not an ounce more of what I cannot truly be.

And it would be nice if your motive was to expand my love

because you just like me for me..


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Media:Original Art Piece


Medium:  Watercolor


Material : Archival Watercolor Paper

Size: Approximately 11" by 14"


Includes matte mounting

"Just Like Me"