Her Story:


All my life, I've wanted to be somebody,

someone that people would like.

So I did things to appease everybody

but it never felt like it was right.

Put on the game face

and acted like I was unaffected by it

.But inside my heartI suffered a lot,

for it was only I who was expected to give.

Don't waste your time on peoplewho have no instinct to be kind.

The meaning of your lifeIs for you to create,

so let no one feel they ownwhat's in your mind.

~Salkis Re

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Medium:  Watercolor


Material : Archival Paper

Size: Approximately 18" by 24"


Includes matte mounting

Frame not included*

Guarenteed to last up to 200 years

Very classy 🙂

"In Your Hands":African Girl African Art, African Portrait Painting

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