This is a continuation of my lack and white series of art portraits.

I had to add the abstract design element in there to emphasize her features.

Blues and bright pinks create dark and highlight tones on her face with African black and white garment to bring balance to the art piece.

Her hair is black and white coils.If you love African Art, you will love this contemporary art piece!


Her Story:

"I Wanna Belong"

Written by Salkis Re

Yes I'm an African who's never been to Africa,

And I'm also an American who wants to go home.

And if I go to Africa, the natives will claim that there is not where I belong.


Yet I'm walk about here in America,

looking a bit out of sorts.

And I don't know where to go,

so I guess I'll just wait for a tribe to claim my soul.

"Mistress of Words"

~Salkis Re

Art by Salkis Re


Painting: "I Wanna Belong"

Guarantee to last up to 200 years!!

Media: Fine Art Print

Material: Museum Grade Fine Art Print

Medium: Acrylic, watercolor, ink

Size: 18" by 24"


includes mounting

"I Wanna Belong":African Girl African Art, African Portrait Painting

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