This art piece was inspired by memories of me and my sister sacking through our mom's closet on the weekends. It was so much fun puting on her shoes and spryng her perfume on our necks.

We wanted to be like her. A tribute to a girls first mentor..



Their Story:

"How Do We Look?" 
Written by Salkis Re

Nala and Niecy love to go 
and play dress up in mommy's things. 
They want to be beautiful,
and hugs and kisses, 
like when Daddy gives her roses and things.

Come on Nala, you put on this 
and I am going to put on that!
And we will be as pretty as mommy 
and get all the hugs we want to have.

How do I look, Neicee asked
as she took a twirl around.
Nala said, "You kinda look pretty grown up,  
So I think we are ready for the town.


Name: "How DO We Look?"

Media: Original Art

Material: Canvas

Medium: Acrylic

Size 36" by 48"

"How Do We Look?":African Girl African Art, African Portrait Painting


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