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Her Story:

"Tired Of Hiding"

Written by Salkis Re 8:15 p.m.

Tired of concealing my heart when it's all I have to give.

Weary of bracing for pain and prepping myself to forgive.


Longing to feel true love, the kind that mends the heart.

Waiting it seems in vain for him to feel what I've always thought.


Pucking apart my desires to see which ones are too big,

wishing to dream uninterrupted just like I did as a kid.


Wonder if pity will work to shame him into giving his love.

Tired of filling up my holes when I knowhis release will loosen what's stuck.


Ready again to be claimedand have someone to answer to.

Tired of not having anyone to give my love something to do..

"Mistress of Words"

~Salkis Re


Painting by Salkis Re

Title: "Hiding My Heart"

Media: Art Reproduction

Material: Canvas

Size: 18": by 24"

"Hiding My Heart"

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