Painting: "Hey God, It's Me Margaret"

Media:  Fine Art Print

Material: Museum Grade Fine Art Archival Paper 

Size: 18" by 24"

Mounting included




" Hey God, Its Me Margaret!"


    "Hey God, It's Me Margaret "

    Written by Salkis Re ...

    I waited forever for that kind of love.

    Threw pennies in the ocean

    Wishing for a true friend's hugs.

    Many peaceful days but lonely times abound.

    Birds sing my praiseas the sun's rayshits the ground.


    But nothing can replace another human being.

    Warm skin and hard bones bring joy for being just like me.


    Tired of waiting cause it's all I've ever done.

    Rain and snow and sleet and hail have watched me play alone..


    So I will pray a little harder to get some company,

    and ask the Angels if God wants to play with me .....

    "Mistress of Words"

    ~Salkis Re

    Painting by Salkis Re. .

    Title: "Hey God, It's Me Margaret"

    "Media: Mixed Media Fine Art Print

    Material: Museum Grade Archival Fine Art Print

    Medium: Oil Paint, watercolor, ink

    Size: 18" by 24"

    main colors: yellow, Burt orange and green against a pale blue and beige background..



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