"Giving You My Heart"

Written by Salkis Re


As a little girl,

I could make mistakes

and never feel bad inside.

I could fumble the ball

or fail a test

and still keep all of my pride.


I could walk outside with disheveled hair,

and not bear any shame.

I could do air twirls,

trip and fall to my knees,

and they would all rush to my aid.


Could say no to sharing my candy today,

and still keep all of my friends,

or play secluded in my backyard

without missing any of them..


I could be a princess,

on a rickety throne,

for everyone to see.

And I'd be hard pressed to hear someone else

tell me that could never be.


The mud pies always baked to perfection,

the slugs can't outrun the salt.

Discrepancies can and will insue

but none need claim their the fault.


We solve problems with Italian Icies and salty Chico Sticks.

We'd play dress up like our mommies and smoke Candy Cigarettes.


Wear out our jaws with caramel Sugar Daddy's

and script our dislike for boys.

And at sunset,

we'd plan the next day

before the street lights came on.


Now it's a big deal to make mistakes

or go out with messy hair.

Hard pressed to find people to care

till they think you have something to share.


I miss those days

when I wasn't afraid

to openly state my dreams.

When I could wake up

to so much love

and see it even in my sleep.


When if I gave you all I had

it would not be picked apart.

No stomping about nor ignored,

or need to buy back my heart.

"Mistress of Words"

~Salkis Re

Name: "Giving You My Heart"

Media: Original Art Piece

Material: Wood

Medium: Acrylics, Watercolor, Pastels

Size 16" by 20"


"Giving You My Heart" African Girl African Art, African Portrait

$1,800.00 Regular Price
$396.00Sale Price
  • To be Brown is an original Oil Painting created on a 16" by 20" canvas.

    She include mounting as well as custom framing at no additional charge.

    She is truly a one of a kind art piece as no prints will be made available. 



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