Painting: "Gave You My Flowers

Media:  Fine Art Print

Material: Museum Grade Fine Art Archival Paper 

Size: 18" by 24"

Mounting included




" Gave You My Flowers"

  • "I Gave You My Flowers"

    Written by Salkis Re

    I gave you my flowers

    cause they're the most precious thing I have.

    And you seemed pretty unbothered

    by the fact that it was all I had.


    No mention of their fragrance

    nor the softness of their pedals.

    No appreciation for the beauty

    that gave you so much pleasure.


    Just a disregard for what I gave,

    because I gave it to you for free.

    But you didn't know the years of work

    and care that went into their leaves.


    So I wanted my flowers back,

    because you didn't care for them.

    What you returned did not include love

    and you kept them locked in a pen.


    But flowers are created for beauty

    and to ease a stressful mind.

    They cleanse the air

    and don't fight for their share of warmth

    from when the sun shines.


    So I'll take my flowers back and nurse them back to health.

    Talk to them sweetly and give them a better home than they've met.


    They will snuggle with me forever

    and I'll never leave them again,

    for I know now that others

    may not always feel what I've felt.......

    "Mistress of Words"

    ~Salkis Re

    Painting by Salkis Re


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