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This is a continuation of my black and white series of art portraits.

I had to add the abstract design element in there to emphasize her features.

Her Story:
"Don't Wait" 
Written by Salkis Re
How do you know what you shouldn't do 
without ever making a mistake?
How will you become a master of you,
if never a chance will you take?
When do you expect to enjoy your wisdom
without a journey through trials?
And will you just wait
until it's to late
to make a mends 
for your decision not to try....

"Medicine Woman"
~Salkis Re
Art by Salkis Re



Painting: "Don't Wait"

Media:  Art Poster

Material: Paper

Medium: Acrylic, watercolor, ink

Size: 18" by 24"

**Free Shipping**

"Don't Wait": Art Poster

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