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This is a continuation of my black and white series of art portraits.

I had to add the abstract design element in there to emphasize her features.

Her Story:
"Don't Wait" 
Written by Salkis Re
How do you know what you shouldn't do 
without ever making a mistake?
How will you become a master of you,
if never a chance will you take?
When do you expect to enjoy your wisdom
without a journey through trials?
And will you just wait
until it's to late
to make a mends 
for your decision not to try....

"Medicine Woman"
~Salkis Re
Art by Salkis Re

Medium:  Watercolor/ Gouache/ Acrylic

Material: Canvas

Size: 18" by 24"


>>>>Let me tell you why my reproductions are so special.

They are "Giclee" quality which is the highest reproduction quality there is for art.

All reproductions are hand painted. 

My reproductions come mounted with foam core backing for for framing, not a piece of paper rolled up in a tube.

Guarenteed to last up to 200 years

Very classy 🙂

"Don't Wait": African Girl African Art, African Portrait Painting, African Art