By Salkis Re

Dark and sweet
like the hour before the dawn.
Quiet and meek
like the calm before the storm.
Honest and loyal 
Like a Shepard guiding flock.
Soft and warm 
Like any lover's heart.
Take care of her 
Like you do for your own
And give her no spite
to punish her dark skin tone..


This is the perfect gift for you to expand the Afrocentric tyle. She is soft and sweet and extremely beautiful in every way... She is an original art piece created with bold colors of reds, greens, and orange tones for the background. her hair is a red clay colored locs like the Hammer tribe in Africa. Adorned with traditional African jewelry around her neck, rings on her hands and arm bands as well.

Dark and Lovely..


Guarantee to last up to 200 years!!


Media: Fine Art Print

Material: Museum Grade Fine Art Paper

Medium: Acrylic, watercolor, ink

Size: 18" by 24"


includes mounting

"Dark" African Art




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