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Written by Salkis Re

Life starts out for us real rough.

Skin too rich and not pretty enough.

Made to feel like we should be someone else.

Heckled by the living so much it raised the dead.

What do you want from us, to just up and disappear?

And if we are all gone,

who will you tease for cheer?

Our right to live was given to us at our birth.

And we're the same as you,

so you've no superior worth.

Get out of my way and give me room to breathe.

And forget about teasing me, so you have a good reason to live.

~Salkis Re Art by Salkis Re


I am so excited to finally be able to offer these prints to you!

Each print will be shipped in a parchment paper and a ridged 

mailer to ensure optimum protection.


These prints created with top quality archival watercolor paper using archival inks that guarantee to last up to 200 years!!



Thank you for checking out my shop!


~Salkis Re

Name: Black Gurl

Media:  Fine Art Reproduction

Material: Museum Grade Fine Art Archival Paper

Size: 18" by 24"

Mounting included




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