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Her Story:

Here in dis er North Amurrika

I be's not made too right.

I shudda been born to anudder mammie

so dat my skin woulda turned out light.

They sell my ink to the highest bidder

for melanin is a precious gem,

yet they laugh at me for having no choice

In producing deeze profits fuh dem..

Work mule and house keeperis what I'sa fit to be,

and even my own blood brothers enjoy

In how massa likes to ridicule me.

But I'sa gone on bout doing God's work

and not taking on what people think,

cause dey busy collectin what dey can't live without

And now I know how much

they pay for Black Milk...

"Spiritual Advisor"

~Salkis Re Art by Salkis Re

Painting: " INK"

~Salkis Re


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Media: Giclee Reproduction Art Piece


Medium:  Ink/ Acrylic


Material :Canvas




Includes matte mounting

"Black Ink":African Girl African Art, African Portrait Painting, African Art