Her Story:

Alika knew nothing of beauty verses ugly. The girls of the village all adorned themselves with the same linens, hair styles and jewelry. 

Alika and her sisters thought nothing of envy or greed, for they took pride in helping each other look lovely..

"I don't understand why all girls are not loved over here. In my village, we sing and cook fufu and string beads to market for tourists. 

And they would say "You are beautiful" to me, and I'd call all my sisters and say "Because they are beautiful too". "My Ummi would sit us down and school us on the duties of womanhood.

She would prepare our minds for the responsibility of loving a family of our own..

It was when I arrive here that I watched mothers tell their daughters that they could not have families because of how they looked.


Do these girls not know how to pray to God?

Where is their faith?

We must hold hands and lift the spirits of our sisters so they know they are not alone.

Beauty is in the heart, but the hearts of girls from America feels cold and afraid...

" I will pray for God warms their hearts to make room for love..


Alika would be great in any space, from you entryway, your livingroom, bedroom, or office space.. 
African decor with an abstract background.

Primary colors are yellow and purple with orange, seagreen and blue..

Name: Alika

Media: Original Art

Material: Wood

Size: 16" by 20"


$4,000.00 Regular Price
$360.00Sale Price



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