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Name: "Lover of Me"

Media: Original Art Piece

Material: Canvas

Medium: Acrylic

Size 24" by 36"

African Girl African Art, African Portrait Painting, African Art

  • This piece called "Colored Girl" is my way of combating the separation and classism surround shades of color in black women.


    I have felt the brunt of this, and have been ostracised for my skin complexion and African like features.

    So what I wanted to do here was to incorporate has many colors as possible so that every shade of the black woman could appreciate this and feel represented in an ALL Inclusive way...


    She has big curly hair with shades of blue, green yellowm orange and red. She has African features: full lips and a well defined nose. Her ands are dark brown, her eyes are bright, and she is shapely too. The background is made of hues of burnt orange and reds that are muted a bit to make her form stand out.

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