Name:  "Close Your Eyes"

Media: Original Art Piece

Material: Canvas

Medium: Acrylic

Size 24" by 36"

African Girl African Art, African Portrait Pai

  • She is Complete!

    Her Story:


    When I was a little girl, I had dreams that made me happy. I would tell anybody who sat me with for more than 5 minutes who I was going to marry, how many children I would have, what my house would look like etc...


    To dream wasn't a chore back then as it is now. Mud pies and dolls missing their limps but not my love would keep me pleasantly occupied on Saturday afternoons.


    Then I got older and people began to laugh and label me unrealistic when I told them my desires.

    I began to believe that it would hurt less to just be quiet about the pictures in my mind.

    And suddenly, I labored to concentrate on playing out the dreams in my head.

    This confused me, for dreaming used to be the one thing I did so easily.


    Then you grow up, and life jostles you around. And before you know it, you've acclimated yourself to being labeled as shy as you retreat to a uneventful life of solitude..


    The setbacks creates the need for an escape, and all of a sudden, you start thinking about about why you stopped dreaming ...


    There is no absolute right, but there is a RIGHT for you.

    Own you dreams. Don't ever be afraid to close your eyes and dream....


    "Mistress of Words"

    ~Salkis Re

    Art by Salkis Re

    Painting : "Close Your Eyes"


    She is a an art I created in the spirit of reflection and deep prayer. Her eyes are closed to symbolize looking inward for peace and answers to her fears...
    I never paint pieces wit the eyes closed so this one is very special indeed..
    If you are an abstract art lover then you will adore this one of a kind art piece. 

    Primary colors are: Purple, blue, yellow black green and bright red..

    Painting: "Cover Me"

    Media: Original Art Piece

    Medium: Acrylic

    Material : Canvas 

    Size: 24"by 36"
    Signed and Dated
    certificate of Authenticity included 
    Custom framing provided!



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