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This is a continuation of my black and white series of art portraits.

I had to add the abstract design element to emphasize her features.



"Another Girl"

Written by Salkis Re

My man said he didn't want me no moe,

And I don't really understand why.

I did everything that he ask me to,

even things that took away my pride.

I remain supportive and very loving

and endured so much from his mistakes.

And that crown he always promised me

became thorns that he actually gave.

And now I'm left feeling empty or maybe foolish is the proper word.

For my goodness has been all for naught

cause he told methat he's in love with another girl.

"Mistress of Words"~Salkis ReArt by Salkis Re

Painting: "Another Girl"


This painting is a black and white painting with colored earrings in yellow and burnt orange tones..


Medium:  Watercolor/ Gouache/ Acrylic

Material : Canvas

Media: Reproduction

Size: 18" by 24"


>>>>Let me tell you why my reproductions are so special.

They are "Giclee" quality which is the highest reproduction quality there is for art.

All reproductions are hand painted. 

My reproductions come mounted with foam core backing for for framing, not a piece of paper rolled up in a tube.

Guarenteed to last up to 200 years

Very classy 🙂

"Another Girl" Minimalist Black and White Art

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