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There is No Such Thing as Self Esteem

From The Desk of Salkis Re for January 1, 2019:

"There's No Such Thing as Self Esteem"

It's respect that you want, not anybody's pity-filled curiosity which is what most of you women get when you parade your backside for social media thumb-ups and heart emojis.

Telling you what you want hear... Haven't you heard what you wanted to hear in at least 100 life events already? 💔Didn't your mum tell you that you were the most beautiful girl in the world: already?????

Your temperament and disposition changes when you are not SCARED to walk away from people, when you are not afraid to say: "What you are doing to me and for me is not sufficient enough to keep my loyalty nor my interest".

👉So for 2019, you must "reduce" your anxiety,



and shame;

By doing so, you will inch your way up to the top of the food chain of your personal circle of influence, those adverse forces (friends, colleagues, family) who prefer and have become quite comfortable with the benefits they receive from you acting out your fears, guilt and your need to be accepted.

💕"Your Spirit Healer"❤ ~Salkis Re Art by Salkis Re 👇👇👇👇 Paintings: "This World is Yours" and "My Wings"

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