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The Way to Win His Heart!

"The Way To Win His Heart" Written by Salkis Re

Men are not happy when you give them everything they want, they are happy when you make them work for what they get. Your "habit" is to keep him excited about having you, motivated to please you, and lucky to have you. Comfort does NOT inspire excitement; it yields complacency, disregard and familiarity blindness for your presence in his life... ------------------------------------------------

Will he appreciate your unconditional love for him? Yesssssssssssssss( me hissing like a snake) He will appreciate that you will stay put if he strays, that you are committed to your subordinate role and appreciative of the emotional and animate provisions he provides you with...

And those of you women who do not fall into the category of a "great beauty", fear not! Your finesse ( well ALL women actually) is based on *stratagem* NOT in the way you LOOK! -----------------------------------------------------

Some of you are waiting for permission from men to "act worthy". You are nothing until you are loved by a man. I suppose this has some truth to it, but your modus operandi , or your HABITS I should say, are displaced. You cannot assume your self a treasure if you wear the stench of desperation in your garments.

You must walk untethered. Your temperament must be one of unadulterated sweetness. Your smile because you are happy, not because he has made you so.. Let him wonder how you feel about him, IF you feel anything about him.. --------------------------------------------------------

You need not confirm or deny ANYTHING about you! Are you a mystery, or has he got you all figured out? yessssssssssssssss( hissing again) Stratagem, not honesty or fairness will get you the results you require to 'feel' happy...

Sit back and relax...... That is the correct temperament for planning seduction...

African Women
Salkis Re Artist>Author> Poet>Spiritual Healer

Carry On.. "Spiritual Healer"


Poet" ~Salkis Re

If you need my HELP

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1 Comment

Erica Rogers
Erica Rogers
Oct 11, 2021

First time reading this blog, thanks for sharing

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