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Showing Naked Self!

"What Are You Showing?" Written by Salkis Re

Let me talk to you ladies about a few things that maybe you've felt but couldn't put it into words. I've been on social media for some time now, at first I was excited to have a way to connect with people. When became a member years ago, my goal at that time was to use the platform to help me get a second chance to reconnect with a few past relationships that I blamed myself for not being sophisticated enough to make them work.


I thought I wasn't sophisticated,

not pretty enough,

not educated enough: just not enough.

You know the drill.... So I smiled, showed off a few body parts, always tasteful though, except for a few desperate attempts to get attention were I did indeed show what I thought was an every impressive CAMEL TOE !!! 🙊


Anyway, I did what most women do to be seen. I made my rounds interacting with strangers. I made sure that I appeared unbothered and emotionally stable so that "he", whomever HE was, would stumble upon me and steal me away...

But I began to notice a pattern in how I began to be approached and how an "offer" (if any) was made. And it was always a "you better" instead of a "May

I". Always a bit of hollow flattery then I'm immediately "told" to take action, like I was a charity case or an ugly bird with a broken wing that was in no position to require "proof" or even a good first impression.


And I realized that I was indeed "displaying" my unrest, my want to be noticed and other pathologies that I assumed I presented an intellectual defense for...

Fast forward now, and I am perched up high on a tree branch like an eagle looking down to ground, and I see some of you ladies, many of you doing the exact same thing I did. But you are eloquent with your expression, and you think your eloquence and your praise of being a fair-minded person can mask your sadness and despair.


Your are careful in your editing and pay close attention to sentence structure and syntax which are both suppose to omit the stench of your wounded heart...but they don't! Men are extremely observant: AND when they truly want something, they are ever more observant than that! They look for patterns in your behavior and what makes you emotionally vulnerable so they can formulate an *imaginary prop* for you to lay down your guard and trust him..

He immediately gets to work in telling you how you should "show up" emotionally by offering SUGGESTIONS/INSTRUCTIONS on what is appropriate behavior for a woman HE would be interested in. BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION is his goal for you and that has to happen quickly especially if he isn't that attracted to you and doesn't want to spend too much money on an *I want to know you better* ruse.


In closing I want to say this. Some of you are catching attention,

but it is in the form of -pity- not excitement. You are drawing the attention of *curious men: NOT INTERESTED MEN and it's scary because you DO NOT know difference! * *You don't allow for discovery* because social media is your therapist. Be CAREFUL!! Take THE BLACK PILL

*Click my picture or the link below if you'd like private mentoring

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