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Scared To Show WHO You Are?

I used to be so afraid of other people's critcisms that I simpy stopped or talked myself out of pursuing things that brough me joy.

Can you relate?

I remember when I used to be a hairstylist and had to consult with clients about changing looks, and the terror that some women put themselves through to make a decision on what to do about their hair was an eye-opening experience for me.

They had to call the boyfriend first, or the husband, or their mother, or their girfriends, or their pastor.. Everybody had to weigh in on and approve their decision on a hairstyle!!!!

I left the hair styling business because of all of that. I didn't want to assist women in feeling inadequate or feeling like there was something wrong with them naturally.

As an artist, I still see this phenomena though. A talk with collectors sometimes turns into them saying that they have to speak with husbands, children, friends, some even take to social media to ask opinions about art piecces they love in order to get feedback before they buy.

So listen, you are an individual. You don't need anyone to cosign on anything that resonates with you. Art in personal, very intimate.


Because everyone sees something different based on what they want to see, based on what they'd like to see, based on how they feel about themselves..

Get what resonates with you.

It doesnt have to make sense to anyone else. No one else has to like it or feel as deeply emotional about it as you do.

Your life is YOURS and you work so that you get the things that make you happy. Stop including everyone in what you feel you need..

Peace and Love


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