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Reinvent Yourself

I am a propagator of the reinvention of one's self. Why? Because reinventing means recreating or becoming a different person. Many of us feel fraudulent when we try to take on new ideologies and habits. But what you are, who you are is ALL MADE UP to begin with.

There is nothing about you that's inherently true other than the size of your nose that. your father's genetics past on to you. Other than your physical traits, everything else about you is a series of habits inspired by your emotions, nothing more..

So that means that you can wave that invisible magic wand and cast a spell over yourself to become a woman you truly want to be..

Does that prospect cause excitement to rise in you? I know it does for me.

the world is your stage, this is what I tell the women I coach all the time..

What mask do you want to wear?

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