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Getting What We desire

I use to do without because I felt guilty for pampering myself. There was always something else more important to spend my money on, always another bill to pay. And I neglected the parts of me that required energy and attention, the parts of me that would give me the energy to wake up in the morning and toil at my craft.

I did this for so many years... And no reward for the unnecessary sacrifice came.

What came were questions about my self worth and doubts about the progress I was making..

So I say that to say this: The spirit needs to be fed just like the physical. Your life will feel empty if it's all about practicalities. You need time to play and explore. You need moments to ponder with no objective other than experience the moment.

Children do this so well. They take time to pretend, to be curious, but somewhere along life's journey, we lost the ability to dream. When you don't get what you want, it not only hurts your ego, I feel it damages your spirit too.

2020 has been an interesting year so far. The unthinkable has been happening, and while some of it is challenging, it let's us know that ANYTHING is possible..

Start living that way. Exercise the thought that there is nothing that you truly want that you cannot truly have!

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