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Being Realistic or Being Positive: Which One to Choose?

"Realistic Thinking or Positive Thinking" Written by Salkis Re

It's more beneficial to think realistically than it is to think positively. But to think realistically can offer up as much delusions as bright-side thinking too. Positive thinking feels good, but it does not contain a *sense of urgency and the FIRE of discomfort that is the 👉blood supply of transformation. And realistic thinking at times makes it difficult for you to perceive the potential you posses to be more than what you are at this moment.

I see so many of you who are professional complainers, you cry yourselves down obsessing over the "flaws" of their bodies. And those flaws might very well be "real", but the potential to be better through diet and exercise, going out and touching your feet to earth, prayer or mediation all are tactics to improve but are negated to wallow in pity.

All practical things to change your reality are thwarted and exchanged for excuses which give you a painless "OUT". This is really what positive thinking amounts to for many women: a stall!

Do diligence is needed here. Do not think that things are worse than what they are(realistic) and do not think things are just fine(positive) Accept what you SEE as real and then start the active task of self improving. In others words: just be honest with yourself and stop making up delusions of grandeur or defeat!!

Carry On...

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