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Because You Are Bored?

As I coach women lately, I'm finding that many of

you are considering ending stable relationships

because the man is "boring" and seems to

be unable to stimulate you emotionally.

He pays the bills, you don't have to wonder

where food and shelter will come from.

You get what ever you wants BUT you're bored..

These men with "community deicks" bring a lot of excitement.

They are undisciplined, unpredictable, care-free and purpose driven for fun,

and can offer that feeling of being "wanted" that you prize so much.

Those "Intellectual" prophets can tell you

something you never heard before, wow you

with recitations of cosmic theory and speculations

of our origins of man while he 'experiences you

instead of claiming you': just like Nipsy did to Lauren....

Don't let your emotions make a fool out of you.

A regimented man can fiancé your need for "stimulation".

He can provide the resources you need to get out of your dissatisfaction with what you are. BE the stimulator. Be the catalyst. Be the fantasy. Be the PURPOSE for your own life and stop being a brat

for attention and go find something constructive to do...

"Life Coach" ~Salkis Re

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