What I'm about is this:

As an artist, my purpose is very clear. I want black women to feel soft and beautiful and delicate. Why? Because the entire world looks at us like aggressive sidekicks. We are the portrayed as the easy 'bed post" for every man's emotional whims.

We are the charity cases and the butt of every comedic joke. There is, and always will be a delicate tone within my artwork in order to clarify and counteract the erroneous displays of what the world assumes us to be.

That said, the art itself is very colorful and I attribute this to the influence of my Caribbean roots. Mixed media is what I assume is my classification to be since most of my work includes a combination of acrylic, watercolor, ink and pastel mediums: the labels do make me grimace a little bit though. 

My work is predominantly of girls and young women because each one represents a lived experience for me or a woman close to me. This art thing is very personal, so I can't create just for the sake of creating; it has to represent a deeper emotion or I won't do it! ~Salkis Re


~Salkis Re


You need this, so I made it for you!