"Please Forgive Me"

"Please Forgive Me"


Media: Hand Painted Limited Edition Giclee Reproduction

Medium: Acrylic/watercolor

Size 24" by 18"

Edition Size: 300 S/N

Material: Canvas

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THE Story: 

Matilda is passing time playing hopscotch with her friends until best friend Levi arrives. She is excited today because he is bringing the Jolly Rancher candies she's been begging him for all week long. 

Levi had commenced to eating some of his purchases as he entered the playground. Rebecca, the prettiest girl in the 4th grade, spots him and the candy and goes to him. "Can I have some of ur candy?", Rebecca asked. He couldn't resist her smile, and he didn't even realise he had given her the whole bag of Candy he promised Matilda! 

Rebecca runs away laughing to friends while showing off her free bag of candy. Levi stands there, confused and regretful as Matilda walks over to him heartbroken by the whole scene. Tearfully she asked: "Why did you give my candy away?"