"Black Girl"

"Black Girl"


Media: Original Art 

Medium: Acrylic, ink, watercolor

Material: Hot Press Archival Paper

Size: 18"by 24"

Comes Matted and Mounted



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"Black Girl"
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When she looks at herself in the mirror
and sees her black skin, 
she wonders if God was joking
to make her born like this.
They justify hurting her
and say it's a good thing she's a slave,
as if her mother gave birth to her
so that she could treated this way.
A long road to healing, is what she went through, 
and stopped all her wishing she was someone else too.
And know she doesn't fear the attention, 
as the splashes of color bring her heart affection.
To finally be seen as the beauty she wants to be,
yet the irony is this is what she's always been.
Mistress of Words"
~Salkis Re