Black Hat Initiation 90 minutes of Power!

Black Hat Initiation 90 minutes of Power!


This is the Queen Bee Salkis Re and everything I paint, write, or say is for healing of your heart and mind. The passion I have for simplistic application and results driven consulting is the life blood of my mission and purpose for you.

Your 90 min session, will break the veil of lies, self sabotage and the old scripts you've been telling yourself for years. The time for you to change is now.

That is why you are here. You don't need anymore handle holding, you need me to give you that hammer to smash the wall over your heart so you can start living the life you want forever!

My approach is relaxed, confidential and completely logical to understand and implement.

Come get your hammer and let's get the breakthrough! :)

~Salkis Re

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